Please allow me to introduce myself…

As my first post, perhaps I should introduce myself and explain a little about what this site is all about.  That is, after all, what a first post is all about.

Well, I am a writer.  How many times have you seen that line written in a blog?  Yes I am a writer, and I am going to take you through my journey into the deep, dark depths of the e-publishing world, from the point of view of a complete novice.

What does this mean?  Does this mean I’m going to bang out my hastily written fan-fiction with my fingers crossed and convince myself the pay cheques will come rolling in thick and fast?  Of course not, if anything I’m a realist (some would call me cynical; I prefer to stick to my guns and call it realism).

I have however spent years writing the book I’m attempting to publish (no, attempting is inaccurate), the book I’m about to publish, and I have several outlines ready to work on if I just pull my finger out, have a little motivation and actually get on with it.

I was joking about the hastily written fan-fiction too, it’s not.  That was just my cynicism bleeding through.

So please join me as I begin this roller coaster journey, and hopefully I will emerge at the other end in one piece.

The book by the way is called Last Regress; perhaps I should have mentioned that in the first paragraph  🙂


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