This past week has been full of distractions, all of which took me away from the writing/proof reading/editing process.

The worst of these was the much publicised crash (software failure?) of a certain UK bank at the end of last week, resulting in a panicked day full of wondering where on earth our money had gone, when it would be back, would our bills be paid? Thankfully we were given access to emergency funds and eventually things have started to come back on line, but it was without a doubt a headless chicken scenario, and completely wiped out Friday for me.

The weekend was spent gardening and pottering about the house, something which I did far too much of, which brings me to the next distraction. This old body of mine is breaking down rapidly, and that in itself is a huge distraction. I’m only 41, I shouldn’t be feeling this much pain, but of course there are underlying reasons (which I won’t bore you with).

I finally admitted defeat today, admitted that there is something I can’t necessarily fight by being stubborn, and I bought a walking cane. It’s a funky blue metallic one though, after all, I can’t be normal can I?

So now I can concentrate again on the writing process, give myself something to take my mind off the distractions, at least that’s what I tell myself.

Nine chapters left to go, then I just have to edit the document (I’m not the sort of person who can see my own mistakes on the screen, it has to be on paper), format the document, check my formatting, complete the cover design, and then I might just be ready to publish.

Nearly there then!


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