Down The Rabbit Hole

Today I spent the day finishing up my edits, which means that I can now start the unenviable task of formatting my manuscript.

Down the rabbit hole I go indeed.  It’s a daunting task and one that I do not undertake lightly.  I know that I can do it, there just seems to be a lot to do, although people tell me that it’s easier with every book.  That is of course assuming I actually make it out of this one alive!

I shall not rush through this process, I will make my customary lists so that I know that I am doing everything that needs to be done, in the order it needs to be done.  Hopefully I’ll see you at the other side in one piece.

I jest, I won’t disappear for x amount of days having locked myself in a room with only a pot of coffee for company – honestly I won’t…

In the meantime I can now happily post:


Last Regress by Rachael J. ThorneAlyssa Matthews thought she had an explanation for everything.  After all, as a slightly sceptical paranormal investigator that was what she was used to doing; researching, observing and explaining.

So when she began writing a paper about a long forgotten case of death by Spontaneous Human Combustion, she assumed it would be a run-of-the-mill piece.  Little did she realise that she was about to be plunged into a situation that would not only force her to question her own sanity, but also her scepticism about the nature of the paranormal.

Not to mention the dreams that just wouldn’t go away…


And whilst that still prompts a slight flutter of fear in the pit of my stomach, I must admit that it makes me happy to be able to do that.

Off down that rabbit hole then!


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