Onward and Upward

I decided to take a break this weekend, a self imposed radio silence from Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, checking sales stats, and most websites in general.  I needed to spend some quality family time away from all that and it did me the power of good.

I managed to find time to go to the cinema with Hubby to see The Dark Knight Rises, and oh what a wonderful geek fest that was.  I seriously want to go and see it again before it finishes.  I even managed to find time to do some gardening now that the horrible bout of rain seems to have passed for the moment, and so my plants have all been dead headed and fed.

Now it’s back to the grindstone so to speak though, although I can’t really call it that though because it is after all my passion not my place of work.  Friday’s freebie day went well, but in the aftermath the sales figures have been disappointing.  In hindsight I think I picked a bad day to have my promo.  I will be having a promo again in a couple of weeks but with a slightly different format at a different time of the week.

Marketing is something I’m used to doing at work and so playing about with campaigns and the format etc. is something I don’t mind doing, it’s just that when the product is your own, to all intents and purposes the product is you, it’s a little frustrating.  I shall weather the storm though.  I just wish I knew the magic formula to kick start sales and give ‘super duper’ visibility!

Onward and upward we go!


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