You Can’t Work All The Time…

It’s been a busy weekend but not because I’ve been writing.  It was Hubby’s birthday and being the big kid he is he doesn’t have a birthDAY he has a long weekend.

The festivities started on Friday evening when he finished work and we went to the pub with his work mates and that was basically when I ceased all thoughts of being productive until Monday evening.  It was nice to take some time to kick back and relax with no thoughts of responsibilities, but I did feel very guilty that I wasn’t doing anything at all.

You see, I can’t do my ‘day job’ at the moment due to stupid sickness type constraints (i.e. I’m still waiting for hospitals and doctors and a proper diagnosis and so am verging on housebound), so writing is my lifeline, my way to feel that I still have something that feels like a career while I’m out of action.  When I am not writing, promoting or trying to help out other indie authors by retweeting and cross promoting, I feel lazy, and that is something I hate.

You can’t work all the time though, can you?  Can you?

I’m back now though, and it’s going to be a busy week here sitting at this desk.  As mentioned in my other two posts today, Last Regress is featured in a spotlight blog post at There for You blog  and I am also interviewed on Kevin Rau’s website today.  Many thanks to Melissa and Kevin for featuring me on their websites.

I’ve also got a big promo coming this week but more about that tomorrow.


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