Time for a catch up

It’s been a while since I posted a proper, honest to goodness blog post. It’s also been a strange, up and down couple of weeks.

I think Hubby’s birthday festivities, the general not being in my daily routine, knocked me out of sorts, and I somewhat dropped off the radar for a few days. Perhaps I needed to reset, or something along those lines. In any case I played the hermit for a few days, which was immediately followed up with the dreaded letter from the hospital.

I’d been waiting for it so it shouldn’t have been the dreaded letter, but they always are, and so off I trotted to see the rheumatologist. What a pleasant day that was! It’s never a reassuring experience when the specialist you’re placing your trust in starts to speak in urgent tones and scribble prescriptions furiously. He’s a nice man but someone needs to have a word with him about his bedside manner, he’s not very good at keeping his patients calm. The upshot is on top of the Connective Tissue Disease, I have a Vitamin D deficiency which he said is now reaching ‘danger levels’ (oops) and I have low Vitamin B12. This is exacerbating the CTD so I’m now on high doses of Vitamin D and also on steroids. Oh joy!

So that’s my excuse for being AWOL. I haven’t been completely lazy though. I’ve been working on Running For A Life and I’ve been coming up with some great ideas so I’m really pleased with how that’s been going. I’ve also had the chance to actually sit down and do some reading (a luxury), and I’ve been downloading some fantastic stuff from Amazon lately. As I finish each book and post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, I’ll also post a review on my blog and Facebook page.

We’re going to hopefully spend some more family time this weekend, visiting a saxon village with our Goddaughters and their parents so more ‘me’ time, and more time in the sun to soak up that Vitamin D!

In the meantime, in case you missed it check out my interview on Kevin Rau’s website and the Last Regress spotlight blog post at There For You blog.


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