A Wee Little Update

So, time for a wee little update to let you all know what I’ve been doing.

To be honest not much has really changed in the Last Regress camp since my last update. I’ve been doing lots of plugging away trying to market the book, which of course as all indie authors will know cuts into my writing time in a major way. This means that work on Running For A Life is much further behind than I thought it would be by now, but hopefully I can rectify that soon.

I have to admit I went into something of a radio silence mode at the end of last week, my doctor cheerfully informed me that the Connective Tissue Disease I have appears to be getting worse and didn’t bat an eyelid at signing yet another medical certificate for yet another month. No light at the end of that tunnel yet, and so I did the hiding under a rock thing!

No point in focussing on the negative though, and so I shall concentrate my efforts on something positive: my writing. Of course if I could suddenly begin to sell thousands of copies of Last Regress that would be awesome, but hey, it’s ticking away slowly but surely (kind of like me :)). If anyone reading this has read the book and enjoyed it, if you have a few minutes to spare I’d really appreciate it if you could pop a review on Amazon though. Reviews really do make a difference when people are thinking about whether or not to buy a book.

Only a few minutes left and it’s Tuesday, my wedding anniversary. Nineteen years and it really doesn’t feel like it. I would say that I love him just as much as I did that day but that wouldn’t be true, I love him so much more, he’s my sweetie pie 🙂


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