Busy, busy, busy

What I’ve been doing and what I’m going to be doing (or rather what I’ve promised myself I’ll be doing)

Wow, it seems that everything goes quiet around here for a while and then suddenly it all starts to happen at once.  The calm before the storm perhaps.

First off I had a fantastic review for Last Regress on Books and Movies Reviews blog, huge thanks to Roberto for such wonderful compliments 🙂

Next, Page Readers were kind enough to welcome me to their site for an interview, many thanks to Nanci.

I now have a billboard for Last Regress over in the Paranormal Books section at Black Caviar Book Club

Friday brought another lovely review from Minding Spot blog, thank you very much Wendy.

To round off the week I also had a great review from Reading… Dreaming blog, thank you so much Ruty 🙂

So, quite a week last week!

This week I have to cram a heck of lot into not very much time.  Today I’ve been catching up from having taken the weekend off from the internet (and I also had my hair cut off – maybe I should take the plunge and replace my author photo!), tomorrow I will lose at least half the day to hospital appointments, then I need to start planning my Halloween promotion (fun times :)), I have guest posts to write, I have a blog post for my own blog that’s eating away at my brain…

There’s something else I should be doing, what could it be?

Oh yes, write, I have to write somewhere in the middle of all that.

It’ll all be okay 🙂


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