In which I catch up and remember I have a blog!

Well would you look at that, I appear to have a blog on this here website thingy.  I’m sure I used to write on here once upon a time, perhaps it’s something I should be doing!

Okay, in all seriousness, I really have let my blog slide.  I originally intended to update weekly when I started the first draft of my new book, but with the run up to Christmas, coupled with technical problems, that went by the wayside.  I say technical problems but what I really mean is ‘hopeless internet’.  We live in a village with an antiquated telephone exchange and periodically the exchange decides to lose sync with various houses in the village, we of course are usually one of those lucky houses.

So ever since the holidays ended I’ve been in catch up mode, and I’m beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  When I’m all caught up I need to make sure I remain organised, and not lose entire days on Twitter (as if I’d do that!).  My plan is to start my days with an hour or so of tweeting/social media/blogging, then deal with any email I have, and then the rest of the day I can devote to writing/editing etc.  That’s the plan anyway, now I just have to stick with it.  Of course true to form today has gone completely pear shaped but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen eh?

Whilst I was on my little hiatus Last Regress made a few appearance around the internet, and I made a couple of appearances too, so I’ll list those websites at the end of my post.  I’ve also got my final Amazon promo for Last Regress starting tomorrow so apologies in advance I will be blogging about that too.  Of course I’ll still be listing the book on Amazon but I’m going to be looking at other venues and formats for publication so I’ll not be renewing my KDP select membership this term.

Now, here are my adventures on the internet for November and December!

Wow, that was quite a list but I think I’m all caught up… for now! I suppose I should go and do some of that writing I mentioned.


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